Ali Osman


Ali Osman Alhaj:


Sudanese composer came to Egypt in 1979 after finishing secondary school in Sudan to study music at Cairo conservatoire since secondary school.

- He was graduated in 1986 with distinction in composition and theories.

- He was granted his master degree in Art in 1990 from the composition and conducting department. His research was titled "the rhythmic patterns in west and east of Sudan and their role in distinguishing the music of these regions"

- He was granted his PH.D in 2009 with the degree of honor. It was titled "the Arabic rhythmic patterns and their role in constructing melody in traditional Arabic music"

- He is now working as music expert at Cairo conservatoire and the Arabic music high institute at the academy of Arts teaching composition and theories, and also supervising composition projects of the post graduate students.

- He is now the principal conductor and coach of the light and hope orchestra. for blind girls.

--- He was employed as an artistic supervisor for the library of Cairo opera house from (2000 -2006)

-. He was also employed as a commentator to the ballet and opera programs at Cairo opera house from (2006- 2007).

- He participate with a group of other professors from Cairo conservatoire commissioned by the minister of culture to write a series of books titled "Egyptian contemporary music" supervised by Dr Samaha Elkholy.

- He wrote some articles in Cairo magazine and folkloric magazine.

-  In 1995 he participates in a conference held by the culture high council which was about the musical innovation in Egypt till the end of the twentieth century and he submitted a paper about the Egyptian composer Gamal Abdel Rahim, and In 2007 he participates in a symposium titled "oriental occidental accord" in Austria Salzburg. He submitted a research titled "penta tonic scales and Arabic modes and their application in Art music" and wrote a piece titled "fusion" for this symposium.

- In 2000 he was granted a scholarship " composer in residence' by the Swiss cultural council "prohelvetia" for four month and he gave a concert there recorded by the Swiss radio and recorded on a CD.

- Some of his works were published in America at (intlopus@, and oxford university press, and peer music in Germany . 

- His works were performed in Cairo opera house within the activities of the "Arabic perspectives festival" and the Egyptian musical youth association, and some of his works were recorded by the music program in the Egyptian Radio, and abroad in Germany , Switzerland , Austria , USA , and china.

- His works varied from orchestra, chamber music, and vocal.