16 авг 2012

is music really complete abstract?

I think all aesthetics books identify music as complete abstract so if it is so how could it be an international language? I think this definition goes well with the modern abstract music now a day, but for the conventional music I think from my point of view music started with the human being as vocal music as songs and songs has words and words has meanings and it is related with social occasions as we all know so there are love songs sad songs works songs etc...and there grow a relation between the melodies and the modes of the words and so there is a sad melody happy melody and I think it is well known that all people have the same feelings of joy and sadness because I do not think if  you hurt some one his reaction would be dancing and laughing   so from this point came the idea of why music  is an international language, so when different people attend a concert the music unite their feelings according to the style and the mood of the music, if ti is sad they all feel sad and vice versa,no matter whether the music was vocal in any language like the opera or instrumental music, because instrumental music melodies are derived from   the vocal melodies and this is the people data or reference through which they got their appreciation to music because you can not give what you do not have so because of this musical background since our early childhood and because it is instinctive I think why we all agree why music is international language.



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