Ali Alhaj

sudanese composer. lecturer at cairo conservatoire,department of composition and conducting at the academy of arts Egypt, conductor of light and hope orchestra ( blind girls) living in Egypt my main principle is that music is a human activity and I would like to keep it that way, and this doesnot mean that I donot like experimental or abstract music but I deal with these styles when Iam daeling with something inhuman or beyond imagination, so in this case there is a verification for what iam doing,and there is a question that annoyed all my life which is why music is an international language and i think I found an answer.which is at the beginnig music was only songs (words +melody) then accompanied by drums then at last music instruments, so that means there were no instrumental music only songs, later on came the instrumental music but not introducing new melody but the melodies of the songs they know so it developed like this even with new ideas no matter how but it still connectes with the songs in one or another and because sorrow and happiness are the same all over the world you canot find a chinese musician play asasd melody and you dance and laugh or feel joy and fice versa because we all have a data in our minds formed of all the songs that we iheritd through history so there is always a relation between the instrumental music or vocal music and this data. for my work. I basicly depend on national music elements because I would like always to be original, of course I donot lock my self only to this but I use the technique that I need to express my self. according to the Idae that iam dealing with.



16 августа 2012, Статья
is music really complete abstract?
I think all aesthetics books identify music as complete abstract so if it is so how could it be an international language? I think this definition goes well with the modern abstract music now a day, but for the conventional music I think from my point ...
Ali Osman

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